Training took place on this flipped combine during Plainville Regional Fire School June 1-2 in Plainville, KS.

     Aug. 6, 2019: Hall of Flame - Set Up, 5 p.m.

     Aug. 8-18, 2019: Iowa State Fair

      It appears technology is finding its way into every part of our lives. It is hard to remember life before it. As much as things have changed with it to this point, I can only imagine were it will take us in the future.

     I need volunteers for drill officials at Convention! The drills will be taking place on Friday, Sept. 6. I have sent out an email and I am getting responses back, slowly. You can email me, text me or call me to sign up.

     I would like to begin by thanking Bureau Chief, John Kraemer, for allowing me to write this article in his space to help promote the Traffic Incident Management program. For those who do not know me, I’m Doug Allen, Deputy Chief of the Ames Fire Department, and FSTB TIM Coordinator.

     Members of Norfolk Fire and Rescue and a diver watches as a wrecker wenches out a van out of a pond south of Norfolk Tuesday afternoon. Photo by Aaron Beckman.

On the June 16, Pierce Fire, along with the Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Office, held a controlled house training burn outside of Pierce. More than 60 firefighters from 12 different northeast Nebraska fire departments participated in the training. Photos by Aaron Beckman.

Training took place on this flipped combine during Plainville Regional Fire School June 1-2 in Plainville, KS.

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From South Dakota Fire School

Upcoming Events

     July 6, 2019: 125th Celebration of Mechanicsville Fire Department, softball tournament, bags tournament, awards, parade at 18:30 and a street dance at 20:00 to midn

Nebraska flooding

     On Wednesday, March 13, 2019 a bomb cyclone caused flash flooding in and around Schuyler, NE.  This weather event caused motorists to be stranded in vehicles, which were partially submerged in


     In waterfights at South Dakota Fire School in Mitchell, first place went to Hurley, followed by Madison in second place, Canton in third place and Tea in fourth place.


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