South Hutchinson Kansas Fire School


   In the fire service we are called to a multitude of different emergencies. When teaching I often say, “you never know what you will find so plan for anything!” One of the things we occasionally respond to is the unintentional release of materials.

On Wednesday, June 22, Lake Mills Volunteer Fire Department hosted a
practice/training burn on a house in Lake Mills. Along with Lake Mills
firefighters, firefighters from Emmons, MN, Forest City, and Scarville
joined in the training. 
Submitted by Doug Domokos,

Beresford firefighters extinguish a grass fire at the mm 55 on I-29. It may look green around the area but it is still very dry. Until we receive suitable rain the fire danger in our area remains high. This fire most likely started from a discarded lit cigarette. Submitted by Chief Tarz Mullinix.

The Hinckley Fire Department, in conjunction with Pine Technical and Community College, conducted a training burn on Saturday, June 11. Fire departments from Pine County, Mora and Rush City were invited to participate as well. Photos by Erv Kleinschmidt and Kim Felton.

Nebraska Fire School, photo by Taylor Anderson

  July 14, 2022: Scotts Bluff County Mutual Aid Association meeting, Hemingford.

South Hutchinson Kansas Fire School
Nebraska Fire School, photo by Taylor Anderson

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Looking Ahead

   2022 State Fire School was a successful weekend. I hope you all were able to take some new information home with you and meet some new individuals from other departments. 

Sad news

   Once again, it’s sad to have to start my article with saying my heart goes out to my brothers and sisters of the Cambridge Fire and Rescue Department for the loss of Retired Fire Chief JP Trumbl


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