Scenic Volunteer Fire Department contains wildland fire at 5 acres

     The Scenic Volunteer Fire Department responded to a reported wildland fire in the 24000 block of Sage Creek Rd Scenic, Unincorporated Pennington County, SD.

     Volunteer firefighters, hampered by drought stressed vegetation, 90 plus degree temperatures and low relative humidity’s, where able to contain the fire to five acres, preventing the fire from further destroying valuable hay ground and ranching equipment. 

     Charles Maude, Chief of the Scenic Volunteer Fire Department, would like to remind those working in the grasslands and fields to be extra cautious during these hot and dry periods.

     “Take a few extra minutes to check your equipment you are taking to the hay field, conduct any preventive maintenance needed to keep it from being an ignition source, ensure you have a working fire extinguisher and if possible, a water source, know where are at all times and if a fire starts, call 911 immediately.”

     “Scenic responded with four fire engines, our volunteer firefighters working in conjunction, with the land owner and neighbors in great team work fashion stopped this fire from getting any larger. It is deceptive how dry the grass really is, just because it’s green doesn’t mean it will not burn as we experienced today.” 

     Agencies responding included Pennington County 911, Scenic Volunteer Fire Department, local ranchers and neighbors.






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