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   As I write my article this time, I can’t help but to think of my brothers and sisters of the Elwood Fire Department as well as the family and friends of Chief Darren Krull. Being from a department that also suffered from the loss of a LODD I would like to say “Chief Krull is gone but he never will be forgotten”.

   I also hope the best for the recovery of Emergency Manger Justin Norris.  Both were doing what we all do every time that pager goes off. We respond to help those in need.  The pastor during his sermon explained it very well during Chief Krull’s funeral. His funeral was an honor to not only Chief Krull but to all of us that are first responders. Thanks to all of you for what you do and most of all be safe so “Everyone Comes Home.” 

   As always, please let the E-Board know if there is anything we can do for you. We are working hard to get the newest SAFER grant benefits started and of course finishing up the old ones as well at the same time. Be watching for the new benefits we will be offering for firefighters.  Please contact the NSVFA office if you have any questions. Taylor or someone in the office will assist you or get ahold of one of the E-Board members for you.    

   Don’t forget to get your rooms and register for conference in Norfolk (sponsored by Battle Creek Fire). I would like to see a full house in October since I missed last year!!! 

Mark Meints,

NSVFA Secretary/Treasurer





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