Iowa Firefighter Memorial Service

   Greetings membership, I would like to thank everyone who came to the mid-year meeting back in March. I also would like to thank my family, my girlfriend Kati and daughter Jaelyn for helping me put on the weekend.  Without your support I would not have been able to do it. Between the raffle items and the live auction, we raised $10,000. $2,000 of which is going towards the firefighter memorial.  

   After mid-year, the board was contacted by AAM with a new proposal between AAM and the IFA. Just a reminder, AAM is the association management firm the IFA hired 3 years ago to take over the executive director position. After 3 meetings with the board, I signed the new proposal to continue doing business with AAM.  The big change is the IFA will be paying AAM $60,000 a year which will be up from the $45,000 approved on this upcoming budget. The board feels that this is a good amount for the service we get. We also drew up a scope of service to better understand what that ED position really entails. As always, if you have any questions please reach out. The board is putting together a plan for the budget to offset this cost difference.

   Chuck and I went out to Washington DC April 5th – 9th.  That was an awesome trip to say the least. Being able to be a part of the CFIS & NVFC conferences were. I would like to thank Reliant Fire and California Casualty for sponsoring our tickets to the CFIS dinner. We got to meet with all but one of our representatives from Iowa I will say the red coats work the same in DC as they do in Des Moines, people took notice of us. The sites out there are amazing, so many experiences I could never put it all on one article.

   Next up on Saturday, June 11th we will have our board meeting at the Garrison Fire Department at 10 a.m. Our weekend will continue at the Iowa Firefighter memorial with the candlelight service on Saturday night and service Sunday morning.

Jason Barrick,

IFA President  




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