Dec. 1-2, 2017: Instructors Fall Conference, Ames.

Dec. 1-3, 2017: Fire Chiefs Convention, Deadwood

Dec. 2-3, 2017: SFM Training Division’s Incident Safety Officer Course, Wayne Fire Department, 510 Tomar Dr., Wayne, no cost.

Mount Pleasant Fire Department conducted a training burn on Saturday, Nov. 11. Submitted by Will Bensmiller.               

     Lift bags are a tool that we carry that we very seldom use. They are not the quickest item to deploy. Especially if you haven’t trained with them regularly! I would like to take some time to review the basic for airbags. Before we begin you should do some research on the bags your department has. How old are they?

On Oct. 22, a mock two-car motor vehicle accident was held in Sutherland approximately five miles north on Prairie Trace Road with the help of 10 students from the drama class at Sutherland High School and EMS and Fire personnel from Sutherland, Hershey and Paxton taking part in the drill.

     On Oct. 23, the Stanton Volunteer Fire Department responded to a grass fire that was started after a tree branch broke due to windy conditions, and knocked down several power lines. Upon arrival, Stanton County Sheriff’s Deputies determined the lines were still live, and arcing sparks.

     Yankton County saw numerous roll over calls in a two week period resulting in minor to life threatening injuries. There were over six rollovers reported that firefighters in Yankton County area responded to, including Yankton, Lesterville and Gayville Fire Departments.

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He's back!

     I‘m back! I first want to thank the members that attended the Annual Conference in Kearney and voted for me as your Secretary Treasurer even though I was unable to attend.

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